I felt it when you fell

Performed by Rebecca Jensen, Lilian Steiner and Rohan Rebeiro

Contact High
Gertrude Glasshouse 2022
Curated by Anador Walsh
See associated publication here

Notions of Care
Commissioned by Bus Projects 2021
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery 2022
Ararat Gallery Tama 2022
Exhibiting artists - Kate Tucker, Katie West, Polly Stanton, and Snapcat
Curated by Kathryn Genevieve Honey and Nina Mulhall

Images by Lucy Foster and Keelan O'hehir

“In the post of 2020, a period marked by isolation, loneliness and the loss of physical touch and connection, I felt it when you fell looks at systems and physical manifestations of care”

I felt it when you fell evokes care through contradictory gestures. Informed by a score written by Byng, the movement of the two dancers, Lilian Steiner and Rebecca Jensen are both tender and practical - they intertwine, caress one another and move in unison; their bodies acting as support braces through movements that are physically challenging or gravity-defying. This movement is accompanied by a discordant soundtrack by Rohan Rebeiro, produced through focussed contact with percussion instruments that fluctuates between appearing both careless and tender. This sound element is responsive to the actions of the other performers and highlights the complexity of giving and receiving care.

Anador Walsh