Functional Background Music: Actions for five objects

Performed at Slopes as part of 4x10, curated by Helen Hughes and Joel Stern and The Object as Score at Margaret Lawrence Gallery, curated by Nathan Gray.

<p>Photograph by Helen Grogan </p>

Photograph by Helen Grogan

Functional Background Music: actions for five objects, video as part of live performance installation, 4x10, curated by Helen Hughes and Joel Stern, SLOPES, Naarm (Melbourne), 2014.

Ready for the House, element of performance for Object as Score, curated by Nathan Gray, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Naarm (Melbourne), March 2015.

Ready for the house expands on Arini Byng’s investigation into individual and collective experience of everyday encounters with objects. She is interested in the idea of expiration, modifying objects that have ceased to be ‘useful’ and transforming familiar materials into something new and unrecognisable. By creating different rituals for their use and signification of certain objects, Byng reanimates their material vitality. We see through performance and video a tactile phenomenology of the body as it encounters the physical world. 

Performed by Jahnne Pasco-White, Chloe Chignell, Timothy Walsh, Simon MacEwan, Brennan Olver, Emma Jo Davies, Peter Cole, Nina Grace Lake and Arini Byng.