Sinkhole is an ongoing collaborative project between Jesse Gall, Rebecca Jensen and Arini Byng. Selected performances include Gathering Geographies, curated by Mara Schwerdtfeger, Darren Knight Gallery (2022), MPavilion (2020), Connecting in the Grey Zone, curated by Anador Walsh, Blindside Gallery (2019), Irene Rose Gallery, Brunswick (2018), To Do/To Make, curated by Shelley Lasica and Zoe Theodore in association with Neon Parc, Brunswick (2018) and Why listen to Plants, curated by Liquid Architecture, DesignHub RMIT (2018). Photographs by Jacqui Shelton, Keelan O'Hehir and Arini Byng.

Sinkholes have been used for centuries as disposal sites for various forms of waste. When they are very deep and connected to caves they offer challenging experiences for humans to navigate.

Sinkhole deals with improvised scenarios and the agency of it’s performing body through responding from a text-based score. Each performance sits within a state of determinacy, that is contingent upon the navigation within unknown territories. Through this process the potential limits posed within temporal and spatial thresholds are stretched. When working as a multiplicitous system, the negotiation of difference often results in a structural collapse as new choreography continues to expand on a cyclical loop.

<p>Poem by Jesse Gall</p>

Poem by Jesse Gall

Selected Press

Written response by Zoe Theodore available here.
'Haptic networking in Why Listen to Plants?', Jacqui Shelton, Art and Australia, 2018, available here.
Connecting in the grey zone, 2019, publication in full available here.